The broke and reduce from the middle class, the inequality arising, are always bringing up troubles. From the “top/rich” to get more control (e.g. manipulation to introduce massive surveillance, for terrorism reason that are not the real one), and from the “poor/low” to get more at all, or less pressure (revolution position). It is a vicious spiral we can’t go out without value redistribution.
The problem is the pressure of the “financial speculation dictature” currently driving all the business, and our own “way of thinking”.
We don’t move/change because it makes sense, but only when it makes money enough, and we forgot to put all the hidden costs, or long term’s cost. We are also all participating our own ‘down to hell’, playing the speculation worldwide game. Money is not bad, the speculation is.
Money should be “fuel” to create values. All the “innovation best practices” explain NEVER think “making money” as a target. We need money for converting values to the “fuel” for creating more values. But this rule is apply only into startup, when success and money are there, speculators & “false Business angels” are ready to make more money, using the power of the money they already have, or worst, just creating it. Because “gold equivalent” to limit “virtual money” creation is vanished from 1940 at Canada, 1976 in USA, and Switzerland from 2000, after adhesion to FMI in 1992, no other choice...
So same story from centuries, money are going to rich, more and more rich. Of course, this is proceeding more and more “less rich” … Creating productions we don’t need, we imagine and create the necessary, for making more and more money again using planned obsolescence and others inventive tricks… Absolute consumerization!
Now we are consuming 1.5 earth? 2.6? 3.3 planets now in rich countries. The robot will replace humans for working and produce more and more, for less and less costs. But who will next buy the production: only “rich peoples”?
So the real question is: What do you will do now?
From my part, stop participating any speculation, improve and upper local production, take care buying only “responsible” & “Sustainable” products, as much as possible, and creating Business values not using “speculation” models, but new B-corporations or similar… Just dream new way, and test them. Why not, the “RBI” ? (Unconditional Base Revenue) we will vote for in June at Switzerland. Perhaps one of the best way to escape the “modern slave” of “no sens” working ?

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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