That’s the reason why I am using Medium instead of micro-blogging like Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, or Diaspora* they are only there to announce a “post” should stay ‘fixed on Internet’ and keep available… Of course, I should backup Medium more often… Because it is still the same issue: Medium is a corporation, not a public service, as are the others… Wikipedia is seen as more resilient, more public service, because: No pub, and nonprofit profile ! But it is not a public service, it is a nonprofit organization, we should declare as ‘worldwide public common good’ and warranty every nations to support them… We should !

So should be the Digital taking care humans ! But currently, they are part of our crazy speculative economy. So they take data and time from humans, for making money… Lot of Money… So enslave humans, is more profitable, then freeing them.

Problem is not digital, problem is Governance !

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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