No Startup without any “business plan” ?

Not exactly true: You can see products/startups seems without official “business plan” exactly like WIRE does (WhatsApp competitor).

I use also Telegram, but better Signal.

Except, in fact the “plan” is hidden: To (probably)

The startupers do not have any more the need to build a business plan, only a buzz plan ! WIRE creator is more honest, and said no idea what business plan will come on it. But he don’t care, ready for the big cash exit !

Google wanted to buy WhatsApp 10 billions, Facebook got the deal 19 billions (42$ per profile). WIRE create API to connect Google, and only Google currently… That’s the business model, create success free service, got more than 100'000'000 users/followers, and resell it, x100 it cost, or more !

So please, adopt Threema ! You’ll have to pay for it ! A better deal… But don’t be too much to adopt it, else GAFAM will eat them !

By the way, we are not enough humans on earth currently for making those any good deal in a long term, cheap single cost App, no future. WhastApp was a nice Business model, 1$/year… But Facebook eat it !

So free services abusing our own data are on the way, reselling the data we provide for free, beginning to act as public utility services, but on the hand of a speculative private company !

How can we create public services, public utility, for free ?

For sure we can, create open platform (Open Source, open API, Open Data), like Open Street Map, Firefox, Odoo, …

But useless if people don’t realize their own digital kidnapping ! Difficult for free platform to compete GAFAM massive marketing…

What are the ethical model of Medium ? They also need to make money, and it seems they start a program to get payment for best articles, authors choose to make pay for read. And the central proposal in the lower part will be proposed in suggestion for readers. It seems nice ! I will try this I thinks.

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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