Mainly the result of too much Neoliberalism ! We do not trust any more the Big Corporations, because we are now confident they are just lying, lobying, or directly cheating (e.g. reducing public tax in Ireland), for making profits ! And we know that… We do not believe in Papers because in the hold of the same corporations, don’t believe any more in politics because slave of Economic powers. And we understand we are consuming 4 planets we don’t have, working more and more, for less and less, just to still enrich the same few people (and some new people from time to time).

We must rebuild from grassroot ! People are the source, and they are building B-corporations, Third places, Sustainability uprising, Associations, and such a number of projects that I just see only a very few as part, as an ambassador (french native) for the program for ;-)

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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