Interesting, thanks a lot this share: According “digital transition”, because of the lack resource availability trend: I also create a 3rd type of group: The “impossible pair” ! I take the one more “WANT CHANGE” (more often young), and the one more “WANT KEEP AS IT IS” (more often less young). Most of the time, they don’t eat often together. I invite them for a lunch all 3 together, and spend a time to just let people discovering both together, asking questions for discovering them myself, but in the reality objective, that is to let them discovering each other. The afternoon after lunch, we start working all 3: regarding a ‘digital innovation’ challenge (eg. moving partly habits from emails to micro-blogging collaborative any platform).

But it works only because an external coach (me) is there, to manage the collaborative rules:

  • Remove hierarchy or seniority in mind: That is the most challenging (best working outside the company, in nature, on a boat, or restroom)
  • Respect other ideas, they have the rights to talk & explain!
  • Say “I” and never “You” (as you told already). I feel bad, I believe it is good, I do not like, I love it… Never You got a bad idea, you say stupid things…
  • No judgment: An idea or a proposal is just “hypothesis”, they can’t be stupid or useless: We need state facts. We search for Strength, Weakness (SWOT)

And if doing this way, only 3 brains can already bring a lot more of intelligence than I can do alone, or a single of them… (Mostly, of course genius are existing, I am not ;)

Cf. french version explain in the 3rd part this post:

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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