Pascal Kotté

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  • Alain Marie

    Alain Marie

    Out of the box thinker… Readerholic…Blogger commando

  • Jo Ann Harris

    Jo Ann Harris

    Writing on Medium since 2018. Writer for Crow’s Feet, Family and Children, Illumination, About Me and others.I write about a myriad of subjects with you in mind

  • Laurent Eymard

    Laurent Eymard

    Tech enthusiast, Distributor for innovative startups. Based in Switzerland.

  • valérie mo

    valérie mo

  • Jeffrey Allan Boman

    Jeffrey Allan Boman

    Hi. I’m Jeffrey A. Boman. Determined writer. NaNoWriMo Ace (4 wins in a row) 2002–06. In it until 2011. Many RPG publications too

  • Francis Wolinski

    Francis Wolinski

    Python & Data Science — Expertise & Audit du SI — Bioinformatics

  • Doris Edwards

    Doris Edwards

  • Antoine Coetsier

    Antoine Coetsier

    CEO @exoscale - Large scale sysadmin fan and racer allround

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