Facebook empire will never be splitted into 3 different organizations, except the NSA can easily access and cross all the information from the 3. But “Big data” interest about the knowledge the 4 to 5 billions of individual people inside the continuous alimented Data lake’s Zuckerberg will never be splitted, because of a too much precious data information…

Who is in relation with who ? when ? Which frequency ?

Messenger + Whatsapp installed on a mobile, got access all the contacts each people, and history of call+texto (not the content)… And I am a pretty sure if NSA need to access the content of a “crypted” Whatsapp communication, they will have access to.

And that’s not a problem, as long as they’ll do that for public interest… But which public ? Including EU, France, CH ?

But the good question is ?

How can USA survive the collapse, without continuing taking outside the resources they will missing inside in the future. Next IRAN gate will be Venezuela ?

Another option is a global society redesign, more closer the Mormons visions in terms of way of life, not religious part, than the current marketing-over-consuming suicide.

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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