But, it is a only a question of culture, not inside the human nature himself. All the same we are also violence, and peace.

See the Switzerland, 8 millions people, living in peace from 1847, the last war. And in this war, the general Dufour order his soldiers not killing, but wounder the enemy, also brothers: Resulting only 26 killed people on the 79'000 men engaged. With his friedns, including Henry Dunant their spirits were creating the red cross, and bring the white cross to the new CH resulting. Because all the same winning this war, they change the constitution, taking care to satisfy what was the source of this war, to avoid another one.

Reasonable humans want peace !

Because the power of the Helvetian organization do not allow an isolated madman, in the control. The president is changing every year, from a group of 7 consolidated rulers, issued from each main political parties.

you want building peace ? Learn from peaceful country: Change you constitution & organization, and mainly, your education.

All the same, a lot of war, a lot of weapon, a lot of manipulation, were financed or decided, from Switzerland… Yes, the great plutocratic manipulators, love Switzerland themselves, find a peace place to live, far from the hell and the chaos they trigger…

And the 1st lesson is very simple :

Change glasses !

Stop talking and searching what are differentiating you from the others. Start talking and thinking about what are similar, to others: What values do you share in common. You discover all humans on earth are same blood color & spirit.

And 2nd lesson:

Stop the education of obedience to build brave soldiers, and good workers !

And lot of nice schools for self-empowerment are into Switzerland… But private… For young ploutocrates. Yes, still have some progress to build into Switzerland, also !

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.

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